Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Confetti: Happy Birthday!

This was my first purchase of the Confetti brand of color. Confetti is a gorgeous deep purple flecked with purple glitter. It's almost a jelly consistency, and applies a bit streaky for the first two coats. But by coat #3, it's all evened out. It's very glossy, and if you add a top coat (I always use top coat), the glitter just POPS!

I have read online that this particular brand is hit or miss regarding brushes. Many many people purchase the brand, and get it home, and the brush is curved, bent, or just...strange. I made sure to check the brush before purchase, as I do with every brand. There were two of this particular color, and the one I left at the store had a bent brush. ALWAYS CHECK BRUSHES! :)


Coats to Opacity: 3
Application: A bit streaky for first two coats.
Drying Time: 2 mins.
Dries: Glossy
Removal: Easy. No staining.

Confetti is available at CVS exclusively. Not all carry this brand, though, so it's a bit of a limited brand. It retails for $1.99

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